Above ground automation

BFT ORO Hydraulic motors

Two Hydraulic motors of the highest quality to power your gates with a modern stainless steel look .

BFT RIGAL 5 control unit

The BFT RIGAL 5 control unit is the complete and customisable technology controlling your gates, many options can be altered to your preference and requirements on how you would like your gates to function.

Saftey photocells

A pair of safety photocells are installed between the two gate posts/pillars to ensure gates never close onto an obstruction .. i.e. cars or pedestrians.

Wireless keyfobs

Wireless keyfobs for opening and closing or hold open of your gates... can also be programmed to mange new/existing automated garage doors.

240 volt mains supply

Installation of external mains supply to gates available.

all equipment has a 3 year warranty.