Gate accessories

Hardwired intercom unit

security gates oxford

Hardwired intercom unit between visitors at gates and a telephone handset installed in your home, unit also has a four digit entry keypad to open gates. 

Exit ground loop

auto gate exit loop

Allows automatic exit through gates upon vehicle driving over magnetic ground loop, set into the ground and completely invisible.

Gsm intercom unit

GSM intercom gates

Control your gates from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone, unit includes a four digit entry keypad.

Pedestrian entry/exit button

Exit button gates

Pedestrian entry / exit button - can be programmed to partially open gates to allow for deliveries/mailman at set times of the day. Fully customisable to suit your requirements.

Video intercom system

Allows you to view who is at your gateway before allowing entry.

Spare keyfobs

Spare key fobs always available.